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Varmatic Lightmaster

Varmatic Lightmaster

The Varmatic Lightmaster is the perfect solution for any business who have a large amount of lights operating over long periods of time. Superstores, Car parks, Warehouses, Hospitals and Airports to name a few.

It is an optimiser for saving energy on your lighting. The primary benefit is energy reductions of up to 30% and reduction in carbon emissions. All of this can be done without having to update your existing lighting system.

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varmatic lightmaster

Save Up To 30% On Lighting Costs

Due to ever increasing electricity costs, organisations and businesses have to find ways of cutting costs as well as their carbon footprint. With lighting systems consuming up to 40% of a company’s total electricity bill, lighting optimisation makes sound business sense.

The LightMaster was introduced in 2001 to reduce carbon emissions and counteract the financial effects of the Climate Change Levy. Since that time, the LightMaster has been installed in clients’ facilities throughout the UK and USA.

The idea behind the LightMaster is simplicity itself. The amount of power required to supply most forms of lighting is less than what is actually drawn by the lights themselves.

The LightMaster is designed to bridge this gap, and deliver significant energy cost savings on your lighting.

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