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Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating works by heating the walls, floors and furniture in a room and the human body, instead of heating the air, much the same as the sun heats us on a sunny day. This heat is then released into the environment. Even after the sun has gone down in the summer, you can feel the heat being released from the buildings around us.

In comparison with conventional heating, infrared heating minimises the difference between the floor and ceiling temperatures and is easily maintained. It is a great alternative method of heating your home. Unlike traditional methods of heating, infrared heating does not dry the air out, it prevents heat loss through ventilation and provides health benefits.

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Infrared Heating Options

aluminium infrared heater

Satin Aluminium

Our most popular range that are available in 4 different sizes for various sized rooms, these heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted and come in white or a variety of colours.

glass infrared heater

Glass Heaters

These have a designer inspired look with an unsurpassed infrared output, available in 450w or 900w, they can be supplied in black or white.

infracurve infrared conservatory heater

Conservatory Heaters

Specifically designed for areas that require a more powerful heat. These heaters are controllable by remote are a great addition to a conservatory, workshop or garage.